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Glasgow Bouldering
General Editor: John Watson

This guide introduces the climber to the bouldering around and within Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city.

Surrounded by low hills with volcanic and sandstone outcrops, Glasgow gives the boulderer an excellent choice of blocs, perfect for a summer’s evening session or escape to solitude on a day off. Including the classic collection of problems at Dumbarton Rock, this guide also features sandstone venues such as Craigmaddie, the popular outdoor boulder park at Cuningar, and new venues such as Cochno, Croy, and Craigton. The guide features a historical introduction to the bouldering heritage of a major city and how it has made the most out of its collection of urban walls, quarries, crags, boulder fields and more esoteric stones.

Pub date March 2022
ISBN  9780992887643
UK         £12.99 
Format 176pp, 178 x 111mm

Dumbarton Rock (July 2020)

This guide introduces the climber to the bouldering, traditional climbing and sports routes at Dumbarton Rock. Known to locals as 'Dumby', this is lowland Scotland's premier rock-climbing venue, home to famous routes such as Chemin de Fer, Requiem and Rhapsody, and with a reputation for hard and technical climbing. Dumby also cradles a collection of giant boulders, which host over 300 documented problems from easy to 8th-grade level. Photo-topos and textual descriptions bring clarity to complex routes (100+) and boulder problems (300+). The guide features a contextual historical introduction by John Hutchinson.

Pub date 2020
ISBN   9780992887629
UK          £14.99  
Format 160pp, 178 x 111mm

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'[Dumbarton Rock] is a treasure which is worth maintaining in all its aspects.
I feel that this guide, with all its stories, descriptions, routes both bouldery and scary, will also, with its excellent topos and descriptions of boulders and faces, become a treasure. I fully recommend it and also commend the authors and those pioneering climbers who have left their mark here.'
Ken Crocket, author of Mountaineering in Scotland Vols. 1 & 2

'The most intensely developed crag in the country . . .  [The authors have] produced a great book celebrating the importance the place has held on the development of hard rock climbing in Scotland.'
Gary Latter, author of Scottish Rock, Vols. 1 & 2

'Absolutely brilliant! Nice job on putting this together. It's given me psych to get ticking through the boulder problems I've neglected.'
Martin McKenna, climber & photographer

Boulder Scotland 3rd edition (2017)


This gazetteer represents the best of Scottish bouldering. Geographically comprehensive, it surveys over 150 classic and new venues and features the top problems across the grades in each area. Loaded with essential ‘bloc notes’, approach maps, detailed topos, and feature photography, it provides the travelling boulderer with the keys to help unlock the finest bouldering amongst Scotland’s geologically stunning landscapes.

Price: £19.99 

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Essential Fontainebleau 2nd edition (2014)


The most concise introductory guide to bouldering in Fontainebleau, now in its updated 2nd edition, it features 320 classic problems and 30 venues with classic circuits. 

Price: £11.99

You can get copies from your local outdoor bookshop, or direct online via the following distributors:

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