Boulder Scotland 3rd edition

This gazetteer represents the best of Scottish bouldering. Geographically comprehensive, it surveys over 150 classic and new venues and features the top problems across the grades in each area. Loaded with essential ‘bloc notes’, approach maps, detailed topos, and feature photography, it provides the travelling boulderer with the keys to help unlock the finest bouldering amongst Scotland’s geologically stunning landscapes. The guidebook is edited by John Watson who has been exploring Scottish stones since the 1990s. Area advisory editors: Colin Lambton, Nigel Holmes, Dan Varian, Pierre Fuentes, Kevin Howett, Gaz Marshall, Tom Kirkpatrick, Hamish Fraser, Richie Betts, Ian Taylor, Robbie Gardiner, Stewart Cable, Andrew Hunter.
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Essential Fontainebleau 2nd edition

The best introductory guide to bouldering in Fontainebleau, now in its updated 2nd edition, it features 320 classic problems and 30 venues with classic circuits. The book is available in a glossy full-colour paperback for only £11.99 Buy here >>>

The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering by Francis Sanzaro

"Finding a climber who perceives bouldering as a moving meditation, or one who values form and style far beyond difficulty, is a daunting task . . . bouldering needs its own analytical literature. In this book, Francis Sanzaro takes a significant step in that direction."

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