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“Finding a climber who perceives bouldering as a moving meditation, or one who values form and style far beyond difficulty, is a daunting task . . . bouldering needs its own analytical literature. In this book, Francis Sanzaro takes a significant step in that direction.”
John Gill, Godfather of bouldering & author

“… today, you rarely see much literature and reflection coming out of anyone. That just changed. Francis Sanzaro stopped what he was doing and took the time to reflect on bouldering and what it means to him and why he does it. The result is his impressive new book ‘The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering’. In it, he presents some of the most thoughtful and interesting writing I’ve ever read about this sport. ‘The Boulder’ is a dynamic new addition to the body of climbing literature and philosophy.”
Andrew Bisharat, Editor, Rock & Ice Magazine

“The language we use to describe climbing is pretty rudimentary, relying on lots of waving of the arms. If climbing is to become a serious competitive sport – and it seems to be heading that way – then there will be major advances in this area . . . this book will confirm what we know already: that there is a lot more to bouldering than meets the eye.”
Dave Flanagan, author of ‘Bouldering Essentials: The Complete Guide to Bouldering’

“A brilliant book that everyone interested in moving over stone should read! At first it sounds like a difficult read, with concepts detached from actually "doing it," but Francis Sanzaro manages to describe complex ideas without ever losing touch to the challenge and joy of bouldering - highly recommended!”
Udo Neumann, author of ‘Performance Rock Climbing’

“’The Boulder’ explores the philosophy of bouldering, what it can mean for boulderers and how we can use this examination to improve both our bouldering and what we take from it. For many readers, discovering bouldering will no doubt have changed your life, but surely starting out in a new found activity isn’t the end of the story? There are many life changes to be found as you learn more and more about what bouldering is doing for you. I would expect most readers to be helped along this path.”
Dave MacLeod, author of ‘9 out of 10 Climbers Make the Same Mistakes

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