Arran Bouldering - The Mushroom

Ben Brotherton has put on his civic-minded beanie and visited Arran with spade and brushes to help uncover the giant Mushroom boulder.

This impressive stone always suffered from a lack of decent top-outs, with many lines ending in jump-offs below sandy earth, turf, moss, other generic greenery and old tree stumps. Ben has now cleaned up many top-outs and the boulder is blessed with the precious summit experience. Here's a new 'complete' line from Ben showing the highball fun on the biggest holds you could wish for!

ESCAPE THE BEASTIE 6a** from Ben Brotherton on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
Thanks John.

Just back from another 2 days there! Love it. Two more new lines cleaned off and another two picked out. Pocket project still feels way beyond me, gota be at least 7b+/c. Also cleaned off most I the dead fallen trees from the top making the rigging even easier. Also cleared the tops and the face off Invasive Specices and the, soon to be, line next to it. I was on the slab face face of Invadive for about 5mins trying to work it out and brushing the holes as I went! Got it secound go nicely but then repeated it a bit sketchy. Exciting! My friend also did Shoom Doom and loved it!

Didn't need the midge net once all weekend! Great time had by all! As always I can't wait to get back!


For the full video from the last trip check out: