Glen Croe - Spring 2013

Glen Croe has seen and will see some big new lines this year. Some big stones on the flanks of the Arrochar Alps should best be attacked in May before the dreaded beasts that can't be named...

Alex Gorham managed the overhang right of Precious to give Semi-Precious 7c+/V10. He says on his blog about how much easier it is to climb in daylight:

'I did manage to pop out and nip up a climb I had only tried with a head torch before in Glen Croe. By headtorch it felt pretty hard but in daylight I found all these new holds that made the whole thing easier. It’s by no means a king line but it felt good to pull hard in good conditions on really small holds, culminating in a cool jump. So between the bouts of literature induced insanity, Semi-Precious (V10) was born, a line just to right of the popular classic-of-the-crag, Precious.'

That backwards leap looks crazy. The pic by Jen Randall (nice shot, Jen, it's hard to get the light right here) also reminds me to dig out my Saltire mats... !

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