Craigmaddie Flyover

Blissful autumn day at Craigmaddie, working through some classic problems and nailing down more aesthetic and less snappy sequences on the ! top tier. Abracadabra is definitely 7a, don't let anyone tell you any differentIf anyone can remember the beta for Farmer's Trust, Pete and I would love to know, we flailed about like demented goldfish... updated topo on the way.


Anonymous said…
hmm, I wondered about Farmer's Trust. I did a version of it by going out to the far left hold on the roof lip, heel hook then a big stretched press to the wee finger pocket which i used as an intermediate to get the top i think. Wasn't sure if that far left hold was 'in' though. A version going straight up without it would def be more elegant! PS Abracadabra is a fantastic long as you're over 5'10" anyway!
Anonymous said…
Just seen your pic on the Craigmaddie topo where you are clearly not using the good hold out left! Oh well, I need to get back and do it properly then!
Unknown said…
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