Garheugh Port

Seam problemSlabs againThe slabs font 3 problemMain cragScream slabStates boulder roof side
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The Long SlabGarheugh PortSheep Pen wallAfterlife slabShort left to right traverseSuck my woolie roof
Shadow Dancer 6b is the wave washed slopers and arete in the middleDon King direct 6a a great wee problemMike's Traverse Garheugh pic Dave MacLeodmikeSnowWhitemikestatestrav_BOyster 2 trim
Garheugh Port, a set on Flickr.
It's been a long time since Garheugh Port first attracted the boulderer, around the millennium in fact, when Dave Redpath, nursing a pulley injury, went exploring on the Galloway coast for some diversion...

'It was by chance that I pulled out an old guidebook, flicking through I happened to come across a place described as having a steep undercut slab and a few boulders. . .'

Sounded promising... Dave disappeared every weekend until a batch of superb problems on the greywacke rock of Garheugh was completed. It became a popular summer venue for bouldering the highball slabs in the sun and sea breeze, a good winter venue for catching low winter sun and holding the roof slopers. It saw a host of visits by excited central belters until it seemed to fade back to nature, as many Scottish venues tend to do when they have their moment and are left to slumber. I returned on the hottest day of the year on the 3rd of June - a real continental scorcher, southern air masses having drifted too far north. I was expecting to see ivy and lichen covering the slabs, but thankfully most of the classic problems were clean and there was even a little chalk here and there. Someone had built a rather fetching rock cairn from the flat echoey stones that litter the storm beach. Perfect day for getting the top off and sweating it out in the baking heat as seals slopped about in the weedy slackness of low tide...

It's located on the western foreshore of the Machars peninsula between Port William and Glenluce.

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