February News

We have more stock of the Dumbarton Guide available (on the climbing books page), though well done to Will Atkinson for putting it out of date with the send of the 'project' he calls Ladderman... one for the tall folk I think!

We have a very promising crag/boulder wall in the Northwest from Ian Taylor, but I guess development and location will be revealed this year... this does look attractive mind you!


Mike Lee visited the Katrine Bloc:, the baddest, meanest, weakling-crusher rock in Scotland, here's Mike under the unclimbed front face. It takes over two hours to get to, best bivvi for a weekend and bring some fillet steaks...that face is 8a to 9a only. I retreated wishing I was younger, fitter, stronger... it's located under the Meall na Boinede crags overlooking the north end of Loch Katrine. The best way to get there is to hitch a lift with the postie bus from Strronachlachlar, or cycle/walk round the north end of the loch from here. Get off at Portnellan Burial Ground and the Black Island, then walk uphill on the left bank of the burn. You really can't miss it... good landings, the rock is a delightful scalloped and compact schist. GR NN410124


Looks like Tim Rankin has butched out another 8a at Cammachmore -Devistator - on the Optimus Prime boulder, hopefully more details soon but terrific to see the NE benchmarking again (or should that be bench-pressing?)

Devistator 8a, Cammachmore

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