Summer Blues

I'd rather be here..

The west coast has bombed spectacularly into boiling humidity and endless depressive rain fronts, I think I've managed out twice in August and have done nothing but stare at climbing through the internet, maybe it's time to get a trip organised to somewhere next summer!

Anyway, to get inspired I surfed around a few sites for new guidebooks produced by computer bound publishers like myself. Here are a few I thought were inspiring. Click on the links to have a look or buy the guides and support your sport...

Lofoten by Rockfax - award winning guidebook to a fantastic set of islands off the coast of Norway.

Ailefroide by Team Les Collets. Bouldering in one of the finest areas of the Alps. brilliant trad and sport as well.

Sardinia One of the best sport islands in Europe with mountains, spires, beach sport and granite bouldering. Love the place.

Sardinia Granite... and sunshine!

Tenerife Climbing - great sport climbing, spires of rock and fab bouldering for the long winters. Arico is the best sport climbing gorge on the island.

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