The Sky Handbook

The Sky Handbook has just been published and it's everything to do about the sky above, not Skye the island as some have thought! It's a book from my other life as an author and writer, and if you think you might want to buy one as a gift or for yourself, follow the link below and thankyou in advance!!

This book is ideal for a gift...and anyone interested in the cosmos, the stars and our planet's future. It's perfect for the intelligent child (is that not every child?!) and for any adults who are confused about the stars and climate change etc (that would be most adults)...this book will clear things up!!

It introduces the mysteries of the universe to us, covering: the origins of our universe; the stars, constellations and solar system; astronomers; our atmosphere and weather, phenomena from the Aurora Borealis to tornadoes; flight and space exploration; pollution; climate change and more!

John Watson is an author, publisher, climber and keen stargazer. He is founder of Stone Country Press, an independent Scottish publisher dedicated to books and guides on landscapes and the outdoors. Michael Kerrigan is an author and critic whose previous works include books on history, geography, exploration and the natural world.

You can preview and buy (only £14.99 for 400 pages!) at:

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