Morar Bouldering

Easter brought a little sunshine to the west coast and some broken-yolk sunsets over Rum and Eigg. I visited Morar with Pete Murray to check out some bouldering, finding a pleasant wall or two in the evening sun but of course we didn't take the cameras and the light was stunning... if you know the west coast, it's easy to imagine being sucked away into the landscape without a care for recording or documenting it all! Here's a nice sunset over Camusdarrach bay (from 'Local Hero' fame).

I found a bunch of perfect Gneiss boulders in the hinterland behind Mallaig, which is an area that offers endless rock walls, crags and blocs, with some of the most pristine Gneiss I have seen - flashing white walls of metamorphosed ancientness - it's hard to find the right word for such an old stone. Rasping friction, curves and angles... you see these stones on hillsides and they become your bearings rather than any other waymarker. I traipsed over the hilly landscape for hours from stone to stone, like an ant between sugar grains.

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