Wanted - Climbing Memories

In a bid to liven up a new series of sport and bouldering guides, I'm looking for curious memories/histories of climbing at Scottish venues. They're just 100 word stories about humorous incidents or weird happenings, or memories of other climbers and people you met.

I'm willing to give a page of each major venue in the guides to these snapshots with free copies of the guide to all those who are published, so treat it like a Cornflakes packet competition... in a hundred words or less...!

Stories that are exclusive and haven't appeared elsewhere would be welcome, just keep it light and humorous, with a bit of local colour to highlight the mood of the venue. Dumbarton would be a good place, for example, as so much 'happens' there, but remote and obscure venues are fine, wherever your memory is stirred!

The new guides should be publsihed in batches over the next year, covering all sporting venues and more comprehensive bouldering gen than is in the main guide 'Bouldering in Scotland'.

I just thought we all take it too seriously sometimes and it would be good to make the guides entertaining as well as informative, after all the best thing about climbing is telling the story in the pub afterwards.

Just email anything to me here.

Showing the locals how to drrink beer at Dumby didn't work out well for Ross...

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