Graffiti World

Travellling the world looking for climbing and bouldering leads you to some fine cities which are always colourful stopovers on the way to the mountains. I've got plenty of pictures of high mountains, remote boulders and wildlife, but we've seen all that and sometimes the city provides a jungle of different hues and colours. Here are some shots of my favourite Graffiti art I've come across, inspired by a rather surprised return to Dumbarton Rock which has had something of an upgrade in terms of the usual graffiti! I consider Graffiti any human mark on the landscape, something that just says 'I wuz here' in some form...sometimes it's elegant, sometimes spiritual, sometimes plain ugly, and sometimes a little too clever for its own good (cairn-kickers unite!), whatever or wherever, it springs from the same human desire to scribble something down...

Graffiti World

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