'Elements' & Bouldering in Scotland

They're nearly here! Both the new Bouldering in Scotland guide and the bouldering film 'Elements' will be available a little later in March. As a special prepub offer, the book and DVD are available for £30 plus p&p... that's a good offer folks, so if you want to buy both, you can do so securely through the Paypal buttons on the blog or on the film page on www.stonecountry.co.uk where you can also view a trailer of the movie.

Pete Murray spent six months putting this film together, enduring some very elemental days with the camera, oblivious to crashing waves, snow, brass-monkey frosts, melting microphones, howling gales and endlessly failing boulderers (well, some of us!).

What's the film about? Pete says:

“elements” is a rock climbing film like no other, the four chapters – Water, Earth, Air and Fire – are linked with a narrative from the ecologist and land rights activist, Alistair McIntosh, whose thoughts on faerie magic and the human spirit fix a connection between Scotland’s ancient history and the boulderer’s search for perfect movement on rock.

It's the first DVD devoted entirely to bouldering in Scotland. Filmed over six months in late 2007 and early 2008, it features dozens of ascents in new venues from all four corners of the country – including the first ascent of the hardest new boulder problem so far this year, captured on the final day’s filming! With music by new Glasgow band, Frightened Rabbit, “elements” is released in Spring 2008, to coincide with the publication of “The Stone Country Guide to Bouldering in Scotland".

There will be a launch at Cotswolds on Thursday 27th march at 7pm, free entry to view the film and a lot of free wine!

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