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Those of you locals maybe a little disappointed at the problem-count of your favourite venues in 'Bouldering in Scotland', do not fear! I have added some additional page downloads to the main site on the Scottish page. Venues include: Craigmaddie full topo, Shelterstone circuit, Scatwell, Ben A'an and The Whangie. Development continues apace, indeed, Tom Kirkpatrick has just updated the Cammachmore topo on Scottish Climbs, and Dave MacLeod has added a new V10 to the Pine boulders in Glen Nevis (The Bear Trap Prow, pics on his blog) - he also did a very kind and exhaustive review for the new guide, thanks Dave!

One of my problems as an independent publisher has been sourcing good photos for books and this is difficult on a limited budget as, quite fairly, photographers need paid just like the rest of us. This becomes a problem when you are doing a large edited collection and paying twenty photographers would quickly make a book too expensive, so we tend to rely on favours and generosity, trying to pay back in kind what has been submitted (usually free books and a little advertising in return). I know there are plenty of good photographers out there and I did ask a lot of folk to contribute to 'Bouldering in Scotland', unfortunately maybe my poverty and inability to pay much is the curse of the small publisher, so I hope people can forgive some of the images from my own camera... I am no great photographer but needed images to help illustrate the variety of bouldering in Scotland. Anyway, thanks to all who helped contribute to the book... it really wouldn't have existed without such generosity of spirit and profits from the book you can rest assured are being pumped straight back into serving the climbing community with quality publications to inspire them - that's our remit at all times.

Another superb image from

It's an expensive game just printing a book, but in future I hope to be able to commission more photography for Scottish books. Indeed the next big project is a Scottish trad book on big climbs in Scotland, with hopefully some great images from Scottish photographers who sacrifice so much time and effort and money to get into great positions and great landscapes.

For example, check out Dave Cuthbertson's landscape images here.

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