New Shoes at Brin

Put My New Shoes On - Font 7c - Brin Rock

Ben Litster has been beavering away at Brin and succeeded on the hardest problem to date on a wall of clean rock just up from the 'other' project roof... Ben took advantage of breaks in the weather and in between shifts at work - it's a slopey traverse that requires hard heel-hooking and powerful technique. He calls it 'Put My New Shoes On' and it's a hefty Font 7c to complete. Here's what Ben says...

'It's a slopey frictionless traverse of a boulder. I think it's about font 7c but if your taller it'll be easier because you'll be able to keep your heel on the only bumpy part on the route. All the stupid grading stuff aside it's a fantastic wee climb on immaculate rock with some really cool moves! It's very brutal on the heel of your shoes and actually ripped the heel clean off a pair of mine so I had to get new ones to do the route...'

Good effort Ben, let's hope you get the other project before your travels.

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