Klem Loskot visits Scotland

Well, if you weren't there, you missed a treat... Klem Loskot came to Edinburgh on part of his UK tour and entertained us with a dry wit and some truly gob-smacking films and images of bouldering, deep-water soloing in Mallorca and Croatia, pipe-skiing in Salzburg, surfing and bouldering in the Seychelles, the landscapes and people of Hampi, Australia, South Africa... this man has travelled, hunting down a paradise of play and movement with an unstoppable conviction. His thought-provoking films, 'shot from the hip' with a tiny camera, were an the animal's eye POV of hard bouldering, extreme ski-ing and delightful surfing in perfect turquoise tubes. As for the bouldering: close-ups of hands dug into tiny holds, or wavering shots of dream-like dynos, twisting body-tension, full torque power and primal yells (the DWS full-body dyno in Mallorca, makes you swallow your own throat)... if you don't get to catch him, he does have an excellent book of his images and words, available from his own website: www.klemloskot.com

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