Stone Country Press publishes both guidebooks and traditional non-fiction in the subject areas of sport, outdoor leisure, nature, and philosophy. Before submitting a full proposal please email the editor (contacts page) to discuss your idea in the first instance.

Your Book Proposal
Proposals should be around 5 pages (excluding CV and sample material).

Please save your book proposal as a Word document and include the following information. This will help us to review your proposal and reply to you promptly.

  • A good title is vital for the marketing of your book
  • The main title should be short, clear and communicate what your book is about
  • Subtitles can add more information
  • Include keywords in your title and title to help readers to discover your book – think about the words people might use in search engines like Google

  • Your name and any affiliation, together with the names and affiliations of anyone else who is an author, editor or translator of the book

  • Summarise your book in 10–15 words
  • Don't repeat the title or subtitle
  • One paragraph – around 150 words – describing the main purpose of your book and how it will benefit the reader
  • Use plain English and tell us what is unique about your book
  • A list of 6 keywords that cover the central ideas of your book
  • Think about what people might type into a search engine to find your book
  • You can include the keywords from your title and subtitle
  • e.g. Scottish mountains; climbing; Munros; hillwalking; guidebook; highest peaks
Short synopsis of the aims, scope, argument and approach of the book
  • Which subject area/s does your book fit into?
  • How will your book be structured?
  • What will be included and what will be left out, and why?
Chapter-by-chapter description of content and form
  • The list of chapters 
  • The main sub-headings, where appropriate.
  • A paragraph outlining the content of each chapter
  • The estimated word count for each chapter
Market and readership
  • What markets will your book reach (within and outside the UK)?
  • Who is the primary readership?
  • Which subject area/s will your book appeal to?
On receipt of the full proposal (with your CV and any sample chapters), we will evaluate your idea and aim to get back to you within 2 weeks on whether we can contract for publication, or if further work is required on the proposed book.

Email to the editor John Watson

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