Friday, July 04, 2014

Want a free 3D model of Dumby?

Help please!

We really need some climbers to volunteer for fun sessions at Dumby next week at the 3D scanning project. It's informal and fun and you'll have access to free 3D modellings of the Dumby boulders. Imagine a 3d print-out of your favourite bloc...

How to get involved:

The timetable is below and we really need some folk for the Focus Sessions and/or the photography of the blocs...give me a text or call on 07546 037 588 if you can come along! Or just turn up during any of the events... it relies on volunteers. The sessions will finish before the World cup games as well and you don't have to attend for the whole time, even a bit of time would help!!

Afternoon Tuesday 8th July: Meet in the Dining Room, Dumbarton Castle;
2pm Meet & Greet (tea & coffee)
2.30pm Intro to ACCORD by Mhairi
2.45pm-4.30pm Focus Group session; co-design
4.30pm-5pm Tea/coffee
5pm-8pm Data Capture (laser scanning and RTI)

Evening Wednesday 9th July: Meet at Dumby Rock;
5pm-8pm Data Capture (Photogrammetry)

Afternoon Thursday 10th July: Meet in the Dining Room, Dumbarton Castle;
2pm-5.30pm Processing, Archiving and Final Focus Group (may extend into local pub!)

What to bring:
- Please bring any cameras, tripods, tablets that you may have.
- Bring any pieces of Dumby heritage along with you! (not necessarily smelly old boots!- was thinking old routecards/ guidebooks, maps, photographs, stories) all of this can be used to enrich the 3D models that we create together.
- Flasks of hot tea/coffee for the evening sessions.

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