Saturday, March 15, 2014

Windyhill on a sunny day

Glasgow's quarried hinterlands, such as the braes above Paisley, Johnstone and Elderslie, well what can we say of them, what is there for the climber: dank landfill quarries, briars flagged with poly bags, Tennents cans and Cider bottles, dog-shite, plastic detritus, road-dumps, graffiti splatters, neds, broken bikes and unmbrellas, abandoned tyres, fire-pits ... or, if you're in a brighter mood: sunbitten orange basalt, birds singing, blue skies and daffodils, technical moves & rough textures, silver birch, silence, a warmed back as you climb...

Windyhill is an odd little bouldering backwater, but a little attention, litter-picking, briar-bashing, in short a simple bit of bouldery love, and the place is fine for an evening's sunny bouldering in the lower grades. There's even a car-park 10 yards across the road now. No excuses then, but bring your secateurs, those briars are vicious!


Gary kelly said...

Lived 10 minutes walk from there for years and didn't realise I could have been bouldering all that time!! D'oh!! It's noted for my next visit though - cheers

Graham Foster said...

Lived in Renfrew and Paisley all that time and had no idea. Always felt that the Fereneze Braes looked like they really should have a gritstone outcrop on them somewhere. Igneous, not sedimentary I know, but still looked the part. Will definitely go for a look at Windyhill next time I'm in the area even I'm beyond climbing it any more. Thanks!

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