Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Powmill Blocs

SpectaclesPowmill topoBeccy traverseGoliathL-r traverseSpectacles back prow
Jaws bloc areteBack wallDavidGoliath wallPowmill blocs (2)Razorback 1
Prow slab MondoJaws blocPowmill quarryPowmill blocsPowmill quarry pool and car

Powmill Blocs, a set on Flickr.

I'd appreciate any topos, grades, problems, names etc of the bouldering at Powmill that hasn't appeared on UKC for the A-Z of Scottish bouldering. Fine little venue for a dry sunny day in Autumn. I almost felt I was in a small corner of Font...

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Reiff & Cnoc Breac

Moonjelly 1Mid reiffTess gabbing away on Mid ReiffSandra topping out on Mid ReiffPine Marten wall Niegl aiming for the jugMoonjelly descent success
Moonjelly 6Moonjelly 5Moonjelly 4 Sandra climbingMoonjelly 3Moonjelly 2Cnoc Breac Ann at the Pine Marten Walls on the undercut problem
Cnoc Breac Ann's slabCnoc Breac Anns slab 4Cnoc Breac Anns slab 3Cnoc Breac Anns slab 2Ann soloing Moonjelly leftAnn solo Moonjelly Left
Nigel on the Pine Marten undercut problemWave traverse JWEarthshaker topCnoc  Breac LeftCnoc Breac rightBouldering at reiff

Reiff & Cnoc Breac, a set on Flickr.

The last of the summer? What a scorcher at Reiff. Cnoc Breac was pretty good as well as a bouldering venue.