Friday, January 14, 2011

New Bouldering in Scotland site

Just to let everyone know that I've created a new site for depositing all the Bouldering in Scotland topos I've collected over the years.. it's a sub-domain of Stone Country but designed to hold updated batches of PDF guides and topos for the whole of Scotland. I've added some long lost topos such as Fontforth, as well as Buchan Ness, Clach Damh, Ben Ledi etc. The site will gradually grow in size as we add more guides and books, so please do email me with any of your own feature topos and I'll add them as a PDF. As more venues are found, we'll be publishing local area guides with a long term view to a the fattest bouldering guidebook anywhere -  'The Stone Country Atlas'.

PLEASE NOTE the 'DUMBARTON ROCK' guidebook is currently out of stock at Stone Country...we'll have stock back soon, but if you need a copy urgently, try Cotswolds in Partick, or Tiso branches.

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thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive

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